Pride 2020 🏳️‍🌈

€134 €184

Endless Nordic is proud to be part of this celebration that celebrates diversity and inclusivity.

We firmly believe that each human being has a unique value and skills, regardless of their background. That is why we encourage our employees, customers, and people around us to be their authentic selves.

We support Copenhagen Pride with €26 for each bracelet sold!


White Leather Bracelet - Lock In Stainless steel - €20


London Blue Ocean Drop Silver - €26

Garnet Love Drop Gold - €30

Citrine Love Drop Silver -€26

Citrine Heart Grip Drop Silver - €26

Emerald Love Drop Gold - €30

Amethyst love drop silver - 26

Are you in doubt about your bracelet size?

Don't worry - we'll find out.

When you buy a bracelet from Endless, it is important to us that it fits comfortably and snaps around your wrist!

How do I find my size?

It's easy - take a piece of string and put it tightly around your wrist.
Now mark the start / end of the string and then lay it out on the table and measure with a ruler from start to finish.

Then you add 3 cm and now you have the ideal size for your bracelet.

Single bracelet?

Then you have your size now.

Double bracelet?

Then multiply the number by 2.

Triple bracelet?

Then multiply the number by 3.

Are you into tight bracelets? Then you can choose to go 1 cm smaller than what this guide dictates, ie add 1 cm. Conversely, if you like loose jewelry, you can go up 1 cm, ie add 3 cm.

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